Garden Time

I may have the best intentions all the time, but I am flaky as all hell. I don’t mean to be, but I just have so much going on all the time that I forget things that are not directly in front of me. This even extends to gardening, where I will forget to plant or transplant things in the right order and then have them die on me. It happened last year with me with beans that were planted way too late. I’m also the type of person that depends on technology to keep my head straight. Without a smart phone, I wouldn’t remember what day it is, lest remember what I am doing during the weekend three weeks from now.

Sometimes, the stars align and I find a tool that is perfect for my needs. This came in the form of Burpee’s Garden Time app. I downloaded it to check it out about a month ago. It has been a good tool for planning my garden and seems like it will keep me on track this growing season. Continue reading


Ready, Set, Garden!

Spring may not be here officially yet, but that is not going to stop me from starting up my garden. Despite some last minute snow a week ago, the weather has been wonderful and I have been out in my garden getting things ready.

Plans for this year include some exotic peppers, some non-edible crops, and two new raised beds, which are all built and anchored. I even took it a step up and made an L-shaped raised bed for the front of my property using the same pallet technique I used to build my other raised beds. I only made them one piece of wood tall this time, as I did with the other raised beds I made last summer and did not blog about. So now I have a whole bunch of raised beds on the south side of my property, and one on the southwest corner in the front yard.


New gardening real estate. Continue reading

Everything’s Just Duckie

Yes, it has been a while since I posted. No, I am not dead. I just got sidetracked by life. Not necessarily in a bad way, just got involved in other things and not blogging. But the weather is nice here in Maryland and there are some great positive changes coming down the track for me.

Expect some new posts and gardening geekery in this space soon!


Springtime for Duckie

Wow, it has been a long time since I updated this page. There are two very good reasons; one is that I have not been doing much home improvement. The other is that I was terribly depressed for the last few months, which contributed a lot to the first reason.

A lot has happened since the last time I posted. I changed jobs. I left a long-term relationship, which started the fall into depression. I had personal issues over Christmas that ruined the holiday for me and made matters worse. Then Maryland had a horrible winter, which made it hard to do anything. The lack of warmth and light caused the depression to get worse, and I hardly cleaned my house, let alone made improvements on it.

Spring has a magical effect on me. As the days grew longer, I started coming out of it. I started becoming more active. I started new relationships. The creative juices started flowing again and along with it, the will to get up and move around and do stuff again. And boy, have I been busy! I have so much to update you all on! Lots of exciting plant-related news. Lots of plans for the back yard, as it is my area of focus this season. Some indoor plans as well.

Stay tuned for more posts soon!


Baby, It’s Cold Outside…

Happy Polar Vortex! Or not. No, really, not. It is fracking COLD!!! Right now, it is 5ºF in Baltimore. With the wind chill, it is -17ºF. BRRR! It is also windy; when I left for work today, my large iron fire wood holder, filled with maybe about 1/3 cord of wood, was moved about 2 feet by the wind.

Neither the arctic weather or the roaring winds are good for my poor little house. Being 79 years old, it has some issues, one of which is the fact that some of the windows appear to be original. All the windows in the front of the house are new, but the rest of them are still wood. The windows in the basement are especially bad. This leads to cold air flooding into the house and increasing my energy bill by ridiculous amounts. Since right now I cannot afford to replace windows, I have to do something to stop the cold from coming in.

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Midnight Musings

I am a part-time insomniac. Sometimes, I cannot sleep no matter how hard I try. Not only that, but I get a burst of energy and want to do things normal people would not at 3:00 am. Usually, this is the urge to clean. What is great about living in a detached home is that I can finally let some of that energy loose and vacuum, clean and launder to my heart’s content.

So far, I have done a load of laundry, vacuumed and mopped the bathroom floor, vacuumed the steps, did the dishes and sorted out some stuff and put it on shelves. And its 4:30 am. I feel so happy that I can, because it is my house and I can do whatever I damn please!

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I have owned a house for two weeks now. That is not long at all, especially when you consider that I was gone on a trip for five of those days. But for some reason my over achieving brain feels like I should have more accomplished. Continue reading